Definitions for "Clarion"
Keywords:  shrill, trumpet, loud, medieval, prissy
A kind of trumpet, whose note is clear and shrill.
A medieval trumpet with clear shrill tones
a medieval brass instrument with a clear shrill tone
A whistle - The name given to caboose or gong whistles manufactured by the Westinghouse Air Brake Co. Apparently a generic name, not a trade name, and of obscure origin.( 0301)
Japanese manufacturer of car audio, automotive navigation systems, Auto PCs, visual equipment, bus equipment, and communication equipment. Up until the end of 2005, products in Japan were marketed under the brand name Add Zest, while outside of Japan the same product typically carried the Clarion name brand. This was changed in 2006, and the brand "clarion" along with a redesigned logo are now used worldwide.
Keywords:  proclaim
proclaim on, or as if on, a clarion
Clarion is an undergraduate literary arts journal published at Boston University since 1998, unique for continuing to publish despite a policy prohibiting any "student journal of opinion" from receiving university funding.
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blow the clarion