Definitions for "CLAIMING"
Keywords:  purse, horse, former, race, trainer
buying a horse out of a race for the entered price.
Process by which a licensed person may purchase a horse entered in a designated race for a predetermined price. When a horse has been claimed, its new owner assumes title after the starting gate opens although the former owner is entitled to all purse money earned in that race.
Horse entered into this type of race may be purchased (claimed) at a stated price by a licensed owner or trainer. The purpose is to provide competition among like quality and value of horses. Any money won goes to the former owner, and the new owner must take the horse following the race. Entering a horse in a claiming race with too high a price offers little chance of earning a share of the purse.
the process of alerting GPO or a contractor about publications missing from depository shipments.
The process of contacting a publisher or vendor to request supply of material missed or overdue on subscription, standing order, or backfile order.
An emotional process by which adoptive parents and adoptive children come to accept each other as full fledged members of a family.
Claiming is not the same as bonding, they may be part of the same process and flow one from another. Claiming a child is not an emotional issue it is a decision that does not happen gradually. Claiming a child is an unconditional commitment parents make from the beginning.
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Asking the other players for the rest of the tricks when you feel it is obvious that your team will win them anyway.