Definitions for "Chevron"
A distinguishing mark, above the elbow, on the sleeve of a non-commissioned officer's coat.
A zigzag molding, or group of moldings, common in Norman architecture.
A zigzag pattern characteristic of Romanesque decoration that is often carved around pillars, arches and doorways
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Zig-zag moulding.
An ancient European design motif consisting of a pattern of pointed zig zags.
A geometric form composed of a horizontal or vertical string of V's used either singly or in a series to form a zig zag. Also called saw tooth for its tooth-like protrusions.
Bead patterns, often layering white, red and blue glass. Chevrons are made by the Constantinis, a venerated and prestigious glassmaking family on the island of Murano, Italy. It is the most difficult pattern to create of all beads. In Europe chevron beads were used in the rosaries of cardinals. The African bead trade lasted from the 1200's through the end of the 1800's and the chevron came to be considered a chief's bead symbolizing absolute power and authority. Chevron beads of six or more layers are extremely rare and quite valuable.
A type of cross-wrap where each additional thread is wrapped to the same side rather than on each side of a pattern, as in a "Diamond Wrap."
A difficult bead pattern that features layering white, red, and blue glass.
An angled pair of rafters ( OED), from which it may be conjectured that it refers to similar angled supports for the wheels of the Swan Knight subtlety, presumably one on each side at the front and back.
One of the nine honorable ordinaries, consisting of two broad bands of the width of the bar, issuing, respectively from the dexter and sinister bases of the field and conjoined at its center.
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Philip Morris
SORT-MERGE/XL uses a chevron character () as its subsystem prompt. All SORT-MERGE/XL commands are entered at the chevron () prompt.
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Room set in which tables and/or chairs are set in a V.
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a style of metal panel seaming/design.