Definitions for "CHENIER"
Keywords:  chene, oak, sediment, mrsh, deltaic
(chene – French for oaks) a ridge formed by sediment from past Mississippi River Delta usually containing shell deposits. Due to elevation above the mrsh oaks can grow.
a ridge formed by the lateral transport and reworking of deltaic sediments, usually containing large amounts of shell deposits; named for the oak trees (chene -French for oak) found growing on the ridges
A very narrow bore tube used in the jewellery industry to make hinges and as a decorative element in some ring mounts.
Chenier is fine, hollow tubing that is used in the production of some jewelry findings (like clasps and joints), and lately, in the actual production of jewelry. The hollow tubes are lightweight and save in the use of gold. The tubes are hard to bend when they are empty, so a metal rod is inserted before bending, facilitating the bending.