Definitions for "Check Register"
In a voucher system, the journal in which voucher checks are listed as they are written.
The document used to record pertinent details relating to expenditure/expense vouchers and coding for each check issued.
The journal that displays all the checks made and received by your company to a specific bank/cash account.
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Check Register is a project to allow you to keep track of all your checkbook transactions on your own computer. Check Register is available only for Mac OS X. It has many features that rival larger apps like Quicken, and best of all, it's free software!
a register of checks issued (usually in numeric order)
A paper form used to keep track of the checks written.
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A list of all canceled, hand-drawn, and current payroll checks processed on the payroll, including the direct deposit total check and all vendor checks. Includes payee name, social security number when applicable, net amount and check number.
A listing of checks issued, normally in numeric sequence and in order by date issued.