Definitions for "Cheater"
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An escheator.
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Player that occasionally or regularly uses game modification techniques during online play.
A player who intentionally violates the rules to gain advantage unavailable to others.
"Cheater" is a short story by Orson Scott Card. It revolves around the childhood of the fictional character Han Tzu, better known as Hot Soup, from the Ender's Game series. It was published in early October 2006 on the Intergalactic Medicine Show website in the third issue.
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Cheater is an EP by Randy, released in 2001.
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a female moth that lays two or three times the number of eggs per flower, thus producing so many larvae that all of the seeds in the pod are consumed
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An extra Block added to a Fully Checked Grid to shorten Answers without increasing the word count. Cheaters may be used to reduce long entries to suit a theme, or just to make filling easier.
a child who is expressing impulses which the other children are trying very hard to keep in check
someone who leads you to believe something that is not true
an individual who accepts a conditioned benefit without satisfying the conditioning requirements
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One who cheats.