Definitions for "Charrette"
An intense period of time during which a great amount of energy is dedicated to solving a specific design problem or problems by a given deadline. It is the French word for "cart," and was originally used by the students at the Ecole de Beaux Arts in Paris when, after working all night, they would load their boards onto a cart and push it from the student quarter to the school, shouting "Charette!Charrette!" to avoid collisions with pedestrians.
A workshop, often lasting several days, which involves a community in its urban planning process. Similar to a clinic or a search conference.
A Charrette is a planning session in which participants brainstorm and visualize solutions to a design issue. Charrettes provide a forum for ideas and offer the unique advantage of giving immediate feedback to designers while giving mutual authorship to the plan by all those who participate. The term "charrette" derives from the French term for "little cart" and refers to the final intense work effort expended by architects to meet a project deadline. At the Ecole de Beaux Arts in Paris during the 19th century, proctors circulated with little carts to collect final drawings, and students would jump on the charrette to put finishing touches on their presentations minutes before their deadlines.
a highly interactive learning experience
an interactive, learning event
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