Definitions for "Changeset"
a grouping of one or more changes to one or more files, and it is what is propagated between BitKeeper repositories
a set of commit operations (addition, removal, modification) which happen along a single invocation of the cvs commit command
a version of the repository at a specific date and time
a logical container into which VSTF bundles everything related to a single checkin operation
a list of all files changed in a check-in along with a change description and some metadata like user and date
a related group of file additions, deletions and edits, defined by the developer and annotated with a description on submission to the server
A changeset is an object that describes the differences between versions of components. Changesets may be stored in files for distribution in a manner similar to classical package files, but changesets make more efficient use of network and storage resources since they express only changes. Conary supports two major forms of changeset, Absolute Changesets and Relative Changesets. Local changesets are a special form of changeset which represent changes made to a local machine.
Changeset is a web-based issue tracking and configuration management tool. It helps software development teams to manage an efective change requests process. It's developed usign J2EE technology.