Definitions for "Chalky"
Describes a texturing of sound that is finer than grainy but coarser than dry. See "texture."
A sensation on the finish; extremely dry.
A dry, grainy sensation usually caused by insoluble proteins. Sometimes described as powdery. Generally not a desirable characteristic.
a Breyer model with a white base coat that appears chalky in color. Chalkies were usually molded out of colored plastic (which is why they had to have a white base coat).
having the color of chalk; "she turned chalky white"
A desirable attribute referring to the true white color or smooth, fine-grained texture of older Chevres and young Brie. However, a chalky appearance on the surface is undesirable in many cheese varieties, such as Cheddar.
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Consisting of, or resembling, chalk; containing chalk; as, a chalky cliff; a chalky taste.
composed of or containing or resembling calcium carbonate or calcite or chalk
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