Definitions for "Certificate of completion"
an unofficial document
A document normally issued by an appraiser which states that a construction project is completed in accordance with the building plans and specifications which pertain to the project.
A document issued by an architect or engineer stating that a construction project has been completed in accordance with approved terms, conditions, plans and specifications.
A written verification from a state voluntary cleanup or brownfield program that a site has been cleaned up in a manner satisfactory to the state. In some states, a certificate provides liability protection but in most states liability relief must be obtained through another mechanism such as a covenant not to sue.
a DDS prescribed certificate providing written proof that the student has successfully completed a driver education course
Awarded in some professional and technical programs. These certificates usually do not include courses outside the major subject.
An authorization form used to substantiate the completion of the scope of work or services, to release the contractor from all legal liabilities of the construction process, date where the warranty process starts.
a possibility upon completion of self-study
A record of the successful completion of a term of apprenticeship (see WAC 296-05-323).
A certificate given at the conclusion of a seminar stating that the holder of the certificate was in attendance of the workshop provided.