Definitions for "Centrifugal pump"
Moves liquid with centrifugal force. Available in circular and volute configurations.
A pump consisting of an impeller fixed on a rotating shaft and enclosed in a casing or volute and having an inlet and a discharge connection. The rotating impeller creates pressure in the water by the velocity derived from the centrifugal force.
n: a pump with an impeller or rotor, an impeller shaft, and a casing, which discharges fluid by centrifugal force. An electric submersible pump is a centrifugal pump.
Keywords:  torque, cube, variable, ratio, speed
a variable torque device where the torque reduces with the cube of the ratio of the speed
a variable torque drive where the torque drops with the cube of the ratio of the reduction in speed
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a hydraulic machine consisting of a set of
a kinetic machine
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a simple device consisting of only a few parts that is designed to move liquids