Definitions for "Catharsis"
A natural or artificial purgation of any passage, as of the mouth, bowels, etc.
The process of relieving an abnormal excitement by reëstablishing the association of the emotion with the memory or idea of the event that first caused it, and of eliminating it by complete expression (called the abreaction).
during a film's climax, the audience may experience a purging or cleansing of emotional tension, providing relief or therapeutic restoration
The creation of a personal atmosphere in which a person can lay the creative and imaginative foundation for a Shock. Also called Kinetic Ablution.
the notion that "blowing off steam"-by performing an aggressive act, watching others engage in aggressive behaviors, or engaging in a fantasy of aggression-relieves built-up aggressive energies and hence reduces the likelihood of further aggressive behavior
The reduction in the aggressive drive following an aggressive act.
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Isotonic Solvent
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Catharsis is a Russian power metal band.
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