Definitions for "Carte "
a unique opportunity to live exceptional holidays in Italy, plunging into the dolce vita and indulging with your passion for playing golf
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Carte is a report engine that is able to produce reports in text or PDF formats. Instead of using a proprietary format, it uses CSS style sheets to specify formatting.
A report template engine that generates reports in text and PDF formats, with tables and graphics. It is extensible in the sense that you can easily provide your own report modules.
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board Karte
A position in thrusting or parrying, with the inside of the hand turned upward and the point of the weapon toward the adversary's right breast.
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Bill of fare.
a list of dishes available at a restaurant; "the menu was in French"
Used to request a card from the dealer.
French for request a card be dealt.
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Short for Carte de visite.