Definitions for "Carcinoembryonic antigen"
(car-sin-o-em-bre-ON-ic an-tuh-jin) : a substance normally found in fetal tissue. If found in an adult, it may suggest that a cancer, especially one starting in the digestive system, may be present. Tests for this substance may help in finding out if a colorectal cancer has recurred after treatment.
Glycoprotein molecule secreted in the digestive tract, originally thought to be an antigen in fetal digestive tract and cancerous tumor of the colon. CEA is now known to be present in non-cancerous and varieties of cancerous conditions, including cancers of colon, pancreas, stomach, lung and breast.
a glycoprotein secreted by normally developing fetal tissue during the first or second trimester, after birth, and in certain malignant and benign conditions