Definitions for "Canning"
Process of preserving food by sealing it in a can or jar.
process by which a food product is enclosed in a sterilized container totally impervious to microbes and heated until all microorganisms inside the container are killed. Food products may be "canned" in cans, jars, or some plastic pouches.
A method of preserving food in air-tight vacuum-containers and heat processing sufficiently to enable storing the food at normal home temperatures.
A dished distortion in a flat or nearly flat sheet metal surface, sometimes referred to as oil canning. (2) Enclosing a highly reactive metal within a relatively inert material for the purpose of hot working without undue oxidation of the active metal.
The process of enclosing a catalyst or filter into a metal housing.
Storing reels of developed film in round metal cans (old technology) or ventilated plastic cases (new technology) for storage and safekeeping