Definitions for "Calendars"
Keywords:  bamji, zcal, avesta, bulsara, purdue Festivals of Zoroastrianism. Extensive Zoroastrian religious calendar. Zoroastrian calendar that includes history. Zoroastrian calendar that includes importance of days within month.
Important tools in the legislative process that provide official notification of bills to be considered, sessions, and committee meetings and hearings. Various types of calendars have evolved in our legislative practice. (See below)
a project calendar lists time intervals in which activities or resources can or cannot be scheduled. A project usually has one default calendar for the normal workweek (for example Monday to Friday), but may have other calendars as well. Each calendar can be customised with its own holidays and extra work days. Resources and activities can be attached to any of the calendars that are defined.
Web-based calendars are a great way to share information and promote events or appearances. Yahoo! GeoCities offers two calendar tools: Add a Public Yahoo! Calendar button to send visitors to the public version of your Yahoo! calendar so they can view your schedule; or take advantage of the power of PHP to create an interactive online calendar that allows your visitors to schedule appointments with you during times you make available.
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A calendar is a system for naming periods of time, typically days. These names are known as calendar dates.