Definitions for "Buy Back"
Term used to describe the reinstatement of an individual's SERPS benefit relating to a period of contracted-out employment. Payment of State Scheme Premium ensures treated as if had not contracted-out.
Reinstatement of an individual's SERPS benefits by payment of a State Scheme Premium.
1) A payment made to reinstate into SERPS a person belonging to a contracted out pension scheme. 2) Reinstatement of life assurance cover after a claim has been paid on critical illness under a policy that provides cover against critical illness and death. (Normally a policy of this type will cease on the claim being paid; the life assurance cover is then automatically cancelled.)
The buying back of shares by a corporation in order to reduce the number of shares on the market.
A company 'Redeems', commonly known as buys back, its shares in issue. Not all the stock in issue is necessarily redeemed but the aim is to increase the price of the share and future dividends to shareholders by having less people to give dividends to.
When an auctioneer or seller bids on a lot and “buys” it back to protect it against a sacrifice to the highest bidder whose bid is deemed insufficient by the auctioneer or seller. Unless a seller reserves the liberty to bid and announces it, buy-backs are fraudulent and also violate the UCC.