Definitions for "BST"
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(recombinant Bovine Somatotropin, rBST, also called Bovine Growth Hormone, rBGH), the first genetically engineered animal hormone approved in the United States, is used to boost milk production in cows. Sold by Monsanto, it is banned in Canada and the European Union. Codex Alimentarius, the UN food standards body, has not certified that BST is safe.
Bureau de la sécurité des transports du Canada
(dairy science) Bovine somatotropin, commonly referred to as growth hormone. Produced naturally by the cow, stimulates metabolic functions related to growth and milk production.
Barium Strontium Titanate. A detector material often used in longwave, uncooled detectors.
A material used to create infrared detectors. These types of detectors are used in a number of fire service thermal imagers.
(BaSr)TiO3, barium strontium titanate, dielectric featuring high k (in the range 160-600) at thicknesses exceeding about 40 nm; displays ferroelectric properties; used in storage capacitors, can be deposited by the variety of methods including misted deposition (LSMCD), MOCVD and sputtering.
Bibliography style files are used by BibTeX to define the layout of the citations. BibTeX produces LaTeX commands in the BBL file that define the citations in the format specified by the BST file. You may eventually write or modify a bibliography style file, but it is less common than modifying LaTeX style files because bibliographies have a more rigidly defined format. Consult the documentation for BibTeX for more information about the format of BST files.
Bedside Teaching. A Wake acronym referring to a second-year course in which students interview and exam actual patients, and are graded on their accuracy, thoroughness, and ability to verbalize the interview and exam in a formal written report.
BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.
Bulk Supply and Transmission Tariff
Base Station Transceiver. A component of a base station which consists of all radio transmission and reception equipment. A BST provides coverage to a particular geographic area and is controlled by its corresponding BSC.
Bacteria source tracking. A collection of scientific methods used to track sources of fecal contamination.
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Breeding Suitability Test
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Basic Service Tier. Lowest level of cable service available, and the only currently regulated rates.
Basic Skills Test
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British Summer Time
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Behaviour Support Team
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A type of material used on focal plane arrays.
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Barrier Screening Tool
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See binary search tree (see binary search tree).