Definitions for "Brit"
circumcision, also the party given on the occasion
Covenant. Judaism is defined by the covenant - the contract between the Jewish people and God. God promises to make us abundant and to give us the land of Israel; we promise to obey God's commandments. This covenant begins with Abraham and is reiterated throughout the Torah. A brit milah, literally a covenant of circumcision, is often simply called a brit or bris.
(Hebrew, "covenant"). The special covenant between God and the Jewish people.
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The young of the common herring; also, a small species of herring; the sprat.
the young of a herring or sprat or similar fish
her other name is Brigid. She is Dagda’s daughter. Her name means " the very high ". She protects the blacksmiths, the bards and the healers. The pregnant women ask her help and protect. She’s specially honoured on Oilmec. In the place where she was honoured, a fire was always burning and three times three priestesses looked at it.
The minute marine animals (chiefly Entomostraca) upon which the right whales feed.
minute crustaceans forming food for right whales
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a trustworthy and faithful friend
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a native or inhabitant of Great Britain