Definitions for "Breakeven analysis"
Keywords:  cvp, exactly, revenue, profit, volume
A method of examining the relationships between fixed costs, variable costs, volume, and price. The objective of the analysis is to determine the break-even point at alternative prices and a given cost structure.
An analysis tool that models how revenue, expenses, and profit vary with changes in sales volume. Breakeven analysis estimates the sales volume needed to cover fixed and variable expenses.
the point at which the business will neither make a profit nor lose money and where revenues equal expenses.
A method of analysing investments to determine under what circumstances the returns on different securities would be equal. The breakeven yield is the yield at which the returns of two securities are equal. The breakeven inflation rate is the difference between the nominal yield on a conventional bond and the real yield on a corresponding index-linked bond. It is effectively the implied inflation rate at which the investor sees no advantage between the two asset classes.
A method of analyzing investments to determine under what circumstances the returns of different securities would be equal. Commonly used in reference to the calculation of how much yield change is needed to produce identical returns among securities.
Financial calculation that shows the number of units that need to be sold to cover costs.