Definitions for "Breakers"
Keywords:  crest, shore, shallow, foam, bathymetry
a wave that crests or breaks into foam . Configuration- elements, arrangement of parts.
Waves that break, displaying white water. Depends on wave steepness and bottom bathymetry.
Powerful crashing waves that "break" into foam on or near shore. The roar of breakers along the west coast of Vancouver Island often caused panic for a ships' crew because it meant that they had come to close to the rocky shore and were in danger of wrecking. Because of the awesome and unpredictable power of breakers, they are often almost impossible to swim through.
Ruffled, fluted, superb blue color. Blooms midseason-late and reblooms.
a world apart from tracking fraudsters in an attempt to shut them down
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Breakers is an Australian television series made by the Network Ten between 1998 and 1999.
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