Definitions for "Brands"
The identifying name and other distinguishing characteristics attached to a business and its products or services.... more on: Brands
Words or symbols on the vehicle's official title issued by the state DMV that signify the vehicle's status or condition. Examples of brands include, junked, salvaged, lemon, rebuilt or reconstructed vehicles; flood, hail, or fire damaged vehicles; totaled vehicles; vehicles with odometers that have been rolled back or exceed mechanical limits; stolen or abandoned vehicles.
Names, designs, symbols, etc. representing a particular product brand. The objective is to distinguish the products and services of one manufacturer or seller from those of a competitor.
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A mark of a simple, easily recognized pattern made by burning the cattle's skin with a hot iron. Used for identification purposes, brands are normally cut out of the hides and do not appear on finished furniture.
Airborne burning embers released from a fire.
outlets which trade under a common name, or their own individual names under an externally recognised group name, with a consistent design, drinks range, menu, service style and promotional programme.
A brand is a promise of a positive experience that begins before a relationship is built. It is an expectation which buyers are pre-conditioned to act on. A company owns its trademark, but the marketplace grants it a brand.