Definitions for "Bond counsel"
An attorney or law firm, typically retained by the issuer, to give a legal opinion that the issuer is authorized to issue proposed municipal securities, the issuer has met all legal requirements necessary for issuance and interest on the proposed securities (if they are intended to be tax-exempt bonds) will be excluded from gross income of the holders thereof for federal income tax purposes and, where applicable, from state and local taxation.  Typically, bond counsel may prepare, or review and advise the issuer regarding, authorizing resolutions, trust indentures, official statements, validation proceedings and litigation.  Compare:  DISCLOSURE COUNSEL; SPECIAL TAX COUNSEL; UNDERWRITER'S COUNSEL.  See:  LEGAL OPINION.
An attorney-specialist that provides legal advice to insure that the County is authorized to issue proposed bonds, and has met all legal and financial requirements.
An attorney who prepares the legal opinion concerning a municipal bond issue.
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