Definitions for "Boa"
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Boa is a single-tasking HTTP server. That means that unlike traditional web servers, it does not fork for each incoming connection, nor does it fork many copies of itself to handle multiple connections.
A genus of large American serpents, including the boa constrictor, the emperor boa of Mexico (Boa imperator), and the chevalier boa of Peru (Boa eques).
A long, round fur tippet; -- so called from its resemblance in shape to the boa constrictor.
Behavioral observation audiometry. Testing that is carried out with infants younger than seven months of age using noisemakers. The child's behavioral response to these stimuli is observed and recorded.
Behavioral Observation Audiometry. Hearing test. A professional presents sounds to an individual and watches for the individual's responses to the sounds.
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Boa is an open-source, small-footprint web server that is suitable for embedded applications. Originally written by Paul Phillips, it is now maintained by Larry Doolittle and Jon Nelson.
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Myst: The Book of Atrus (a novel)
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Bind on Acquire. Any item that is immediately bound to the player when looted or acquired. All quest rewards are BoA. Also called Bind on Pick up.
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British Olympic Association
Basic Ordering Agreement--A general outline of the supplies or services to be provided by the contractor.
Basic Object Adapter. Invokes the performance of a request and returns any results to the client. Also called simply adapter.
See Basic Object Adapter (BOA).
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Beam Over All - The over all width of the boat as measured at the widest point.
Bottom Of Atmosphere / Begin Of Acquisition