Definitions for "BML"
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oard arkup anguage, a text-formatting language similar to HTML useable in posts on this board. Tags are enclosed in square brackets []. Some tags are renamed for easier use. Like HTML, most tags have both an opening tag and a closing tag. For example, the opening tag for bold is [B], and the closing tag is [/B]. Anything found between these tags will be bolded when printed on the board. Other tags do not have closing tags, such as the image tag [IMG address], where address should be replaced by the web address of the image to be displayed. Quotes and signatures may also use BML tags, and for these specifically the [LINE] tag was created. This tag inserts a line-break, allowing a single line quote to be multiple lines when displayed on the boards. There is no closing tag for [LINE]. For a full listing of tags (excepting the [LINE] tag), create a thread/reply.
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Below Mudline Bottom Time: Total time in minutes from time diver leaves surface till the diver begins his ascent.
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business management layer