Definitions for "BME"
The most knowledgeable online ezine to all things related to body modification, including piercing and tattooing. The focus tends to be on the more extreme side of body modification.
BME stands for Body Modification Ezine. It is an online magazine that chronicles the current and historical body modification world internationally; covering tattooing, piercing, suspension and ritual, scarification, and similar acts in its public sections. It also has a members' area called BME/extreme which focuses on implants, amputation, eunuchs, subincision, saline inflation, silicone, and other heavy body transformations, as well as an adults-only area called BME/HARD which covers the erotic application of these modifications and acts, including cock and ball torture (CBT).
A term for people from Black and Minority Ethnic groups.
Black and Minority Ethnic voluntary and community organisations and groups. This is the preferred term of BME groups – although it is best used in full. These groups are often insufficiently involved in the Local compact process. Find out more about BME groups and the Compact in Codes of Good Practice.
Black Minority Ethnic, term used to describe minority groups recognised as falling under the Race Relations Act 1976
One of the most common mammalian tissue culture media composed of isotonic salts, carbohydrates and vitamins. When combined with animal serum, BME is a good medium for mammalian cell proliferation. See Fetal Calf Serum.
Basic Medical Expense Plan; hospitalization and medical insurance plan for employees.
Basic Module Enclosure. Some large devices, such as the Extron Matrix 3200/6400/ 12800 Switchers, may be contained in more than one enclosure, yet function as a single device. Each physical box, or enclosure, is called a BME.
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Biomedical Engineering
Benefit monitoring and evaluation
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BME may stand for