Definitions for "Bloodlines"
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Lineage; pedigree.
The pedigree of a horse.
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"Bloodlines" is a seventh season episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
"Bloodlines" is the fourth episode of the first season of the American fantasy / horror drama .
Bloodlines is an episode of X-Men: The Animated Series. It originally aired on October 26 1996.
Bloodlines was an intracompany crossover that spanned all of the annuals published by DC Comics in 1993. The event was bookended by two Bloodbath specials, written by Dan Raspler, with issue one at the beginning of the event drawn by Chuck Wojtkiewicz and issue two at the end of the event drawn by Sal Velluto. The alien parasites premiered in Lobo annual vol. 2 #1 written by Alan Grant and drawn by Christian Alamy.
Bloodlines is the second book in the Legacy of the Force series. The book is written by Karen Traviss and was released August 29, 2006. The book takes place 40 ABY.
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Bloodlines are paths that allow oxygen-rich blood to saturate oxygen-starved heart tissue. One laser can create bloodlines: the CO2 Heart Laser(tm).