Definitions for "Blockhead"
Refers to any member of the Block-I committee of IUB. These approximately 25 people are both organizers of and cheerleaders for the Block-I student cheering section. They are on the field in front of the block during all home football games, and all assist in passing out cards and instructions for the halftime card stunts.
these words are used to express a low opinion of someone's intelligence
Blockhead is the name of a theoretical computer system invented as part of a thought experiment by philosopher Ned Block, which appeared in a paper entitled Psychologism and Behaviourism. In this paper, Block argues that the internal mechanism of a system was important in determining whether that system was intelligent, and also to show that a non-intelligent system could pass the Turing Test.
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The Evolution® engine (V-Twin, produced from 1984 – 2000)
Another name for the Evolution engine (see Evo)
A stupid fellow; a dolt; a person deficient in understanding.