Definitions for "Blit"
An operation that moves an area of a graphics context (e.g. the screen) to another area on the same or a different context.
Block transfer copy of pixel data from memory to a graphics device. See also: stretch blit
A blit is a memory copy operation from a surface to the video card. A procedural compiled programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs. It was originally called B. A compiled programming language developed by Bjourne Stroustrup at Bell Labs that is an enhanced version of . Its programs tend to be slightly slower then and about 15% larger then but the code is object-oriented.
To copy an image (or part of an image) from one place to another. See BitBlt.
BLIT (which stands for Berryman Logical Image Technique) is a short story written by author David Langford. It features a setting where a highly dangerous type of image called "basilisks" have been discovered; these images contain patterns within them that exploit flaws in the structure of the human mind to produce a lethal reaction, effectively "crashing" them like a badly-programmed computer.
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A bit block transfer.