Definitions for "Bioregionalism"
Eating only the produce that grows in your region of the world.
is a philosophy in which human behaviour is based in, focussed on and appropriate to its regional ecosystem. Biotechnology/Genetic Engineering is the deliberate manipulation and alteration of genetic materials without respect for natural boundaries or the integrity of the organism, at whatever level or stage. The intent of biotechnology is to force an organism to do or become something it otherwise would not. In current practice, the aim is to increase the profit of the corporations owning the processes and the products. In reference to food, GE has primarily been used to engineer widely grown crop plants (canola, corn and soy) to be resistant to the herbicides sold by the corporations owning the transgenic seeds. These plants, and all products produced from them, are thus guaranteed to have been sprayed at least with the designated herbicide in addition to being genetically engineered. Certified Organic denotes products that have met strict guidelines, set up by government approved certifying associations, when grown, processed and handled.
Bio - Regional - Ism - Bio means all of life; regional means within a physical or geographic boundary; and ism is the human part, where we study how we relate with and live as part of the bioregion.