Definitions for "BELGRADE"
Capital of Serbia and of the former Yugoslavia.
capital and largest city of Yugoslavia
Quite an ordinary city in the south-east of Europe. Will never be filmed in any other way than using drab colours, filth and despair. This is so because the people in the "West" are prejudiced, misinformed and pompous even more so than the people in the "East" are ignorant, suspicious and left behind. My home town. What is great in my Belgrade: intelligence and education. What is beautiful: men and women; the old part of town; the National Library, the National Museum, all the other museums; film festival FEST in February, diversity of theatres; music of revolt and rebellion. What is heartbreaking: the first hour after departing my Belgrade life; Belgrade's insurrection after yet another destruction; NATO '99; some members of my family that are no more, and will never again hear that I still love them; this very entry.