Definitions for "BARRE"
A long wooden pole, affixed to the wall horizontally, at about waist height. Traditionally, the beginning of ballet class is done at the barre and this portion of class is called “barre work.” Young pupils learn each new ballet movement facing the barre and holding onto it with two hands. For most of the “barre work” dancers stand sideways to the barre and maintain their balance by lightly holding on with one hand.
a handrail that dancers use to steady themselves during the first part of a ballet class
This refers to the wooden bar crossing both heads of Bordeaux Chateau style barrels. These barres are ornamental in function rather than structural. Also where shippers and wineries place their company name. In Burgundy, Barres are called "choubrette".
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the method of placing the first or other fingers across the strings to hold down adjacent chord notes.
a chord on a neck
The use of your index finger to hold down more than one string at one fret in a single chord, in order to build chords with that fret as the "nut".
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(bar-reh) [ barr pine needle] The sacred grove of peace. Snorri speaks of the ash as having barr, having never seen a tree. There were none in Iceland.
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Knitted fabric containing bars.