Definitions for "Bar Date"
The last day that the court allows the filing of a proof of claim by a creditor in a bankruptcy case. For a chapter 7 case, this is usually 90 days after the first meeting of the creditors ("341 hearing.")
Deadline for filing proofs of claim against a receivership estate [Statutory reference art. 21.28, Sec.3(a)] or the guaranty association.  [Statutory reference art. 21.28-C, Sec.8(d)
Last date for a creditor to timely file a Complain to Determine Dischargeability of a debt. For non-governmental creditors, this date is 90 days after the first date set for the Meeting of Creditors (341 Meeting). Governmental units, such as the IRS, have 180 days from the date the petition was filed to file a claim.