Definitions for "baiting"
Keywords:  rancid, molasses, bacon, peanut, smear
Used to train wild animals to avoid an electric fence. Turn off fence controller. Smear an aluminum pie tin with the bait (peanut butter, honey, rancid bacon, molasses, etc.). Connect pie tin to an electric fence wire using metal wire. Locate several baited pie tins around the perimeter of the fence. After baiting is completed, turn fence controller on and monitor bait stations regularly.
Keywords:  dog, lure, ahead, alert, exhibit
Using liver or some treat to get the dog's attention and have him look alert.
Using food as a lure to get the dog to exhibit a certain behavior. For example, holding food up in front and slightly ahead of the dog's nose and moving up will usually cause the dog to sit. Warning: dogs can be lured to perform lots of behaviors without ever being trained to perform them. Until the food is totally out of the picture when the behavior is offered, the behavior is not trained. Most behaviors are introduced using food as a lure. This lure must be removed as soon as possible for training to occur.
harassment, especially of a tethered animal.