Definitions for "Babu"
A Hindu gentleman; a native clerk who writes English; also, a Hindu title equivalent to the English Mr. or Esquire.
Hind.] [gentleman], especially, a Bengali of the higher and middle class; [often used with the name like the English "Mr."].
used as a Hindi courtesy title; equivalent to English `Mr'
Keywords:  kiswahili, grandfather
Kiswahili for "grandfather."
Babu is a red panda who disappeared from a nature centre in Moseley, Birmingham in November 2005 and spent four days "on the loose" before being discovered. Nature centre staff believe he was blown out of a tree and found himself outside his enclosure. His disappearance and the city-wide panda hunt that ensued made national headlines.
A form of addressing male persons of higher social and/or economic status. 2. A term of endearment in regard to male children.