Definitions for "Azo"
Azo (fl. 1190 – 1220) was an influential Italian jurist and a member of the school of the so-called glossators. He wrote glosses on all parts of the Corpus Iuris Civilis. His most influential work is his Summa Codicis, a commentary of the civil law organized according to the order of Justinian's Code.
Azo (also known as Azon) was a legendary prince allegedly installed by Alexander the Great as a ruler of the Mtskheta tribe in what is now Georgia.
azo compound; azo group; azo dye. The azo group has the general structure Ar-N=N-Ar', where Ar and Ar' indicate substituted aromatic rings. Compounds containing the azo compounds are often intensely colored and are economically important as dyes. Methyl orange is an example of an azo dye.
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relating to or containing the azo radical