Definitions for "Avathâr"
The principle of - or the Descent of God on earth, the Incarnation of the Formless with Form, for the uplift of beings - this is the basic fact that makes the Bhagavatha authentic; Form Incarnate. Special manifestation of God on Earth. (BV-1) ( BV) When He comes down assuming special form on special occasions for a specific purpose, He is known as Avathâ, we can assert that the saints, sages, ascetics and men both good and bad, are all Avathâras of the Vishnu Entity. (see also Kalâ, Amsa en Yugavathar). ( BV-30). It would appear as if you get more inspiration from one Avathar than another. But, all are equally Divine and mysterious. The manifestation is suited to the time, the task, the circumstance and the need; its form is in accordance with the purpose. (BV- 34) ( SSS-III)