Definitions for "Augustine"
(Roman Catholic Church) one of the great fathers of the early Christian church; after a dramatic conversion to Christianity he became Bishop of Hippo Regius in North Africa; St. Augustine emphasized man's need for grace (354-430)
(354-430) One of the Latin Church Fathers, generally recognized as the greatest thinker of Christian antiquity. He fused the Bible and Platonic philosophy. The City of God is his most famous work.
St Augustine arrived in Kent in 597 AD, and is credited with beginning the conversion of the English to Christianity. He was the first Archbishop of Canterbury.
The American Elm U. americana cultivar Augustine is a fastigiate tree originally selected in Bloomington, Illinois, in 1927. Distinguished by its thicker branches and larger, more deeply-toothed leaves, it has proven particularly susceptible to Dutch elm disease, exhibiting 36 % crown dieback in one year after inoculation with the disease's causal fungus. Augustine is represented (2007) by a living specimen at Longwood Gardens, Accession No. 1959-2682.
A member of one of the religious orders called after St. Augustine; an Austin friar.