Definitions for "Assemblies"
Large scale evening gatherings for the gentry or aristocracy. Popular in the early part of the century, the most famous was Almackâ€(tm)s in London. For a ten-guinea subscription, one got twelve weeks of a ball and supper each week, a highly prestigious event initially, with top members of the aristocracy attending and tickets (or, vouchers) almost impossible to get.
public balls, funded usually by subscription and held in Assembly Rooms sometimes purpose-built, often attached to an inn
Lower School students and faculty meet on Monday and Friday mornings for announcements and special presentations. Middle School students and faculty assemble Wednesday mornings for general announcements, special event presentations and grade 8 speeches. Longer assemblies may be scheduled on Friday afternoons. Upper School assemblies begin at 9:10 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays for announcements, presentations and senior speeches.
An opportunity for all (or most) of the students to gather in a large community room for special presentations. Assemblies occur several times a year.
A directory of assemblies manufacturers; including cable & electromechanical assemblies, pcb assembly, circuits & electronic assembly manufacturers.
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A group of building components. Ex., a door assembly would include the basic door along with the door locks, handles and binges.