Definitions for "ARV"
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( American Rottweiler Verein) — American organization similar to the ADRK of Germany. Both the ADRK and the International Canine Federation (FCI) use the same internationally recognized standard describing the ideal Rottweiler.
American Rottweiler Verein. An organization in the US that emulates the ADRK and sponsors "German style" events including conformation shows and working trials. WORKING TITLES
Anti retroviral Drugs
Antiretro Viral
Anti Retro Virals
Treatment and medication for infection by retroviruses—tumor-producing viruses that contain RNA and reverse transcriptase—primarily HIV. Different antiretroviral drugs act at various stages of the HIV life cycle.
Antiretroviral treatment
antiretroviral therapy
Armed Robotic Vehicle
Air recreational vehicle
Armed Response Vehicle. What said ARU will turn up in. Has 2 handguns in a safe between the seats, and 2 MP5's in the floorspace. The vehicle is usually marked with a yellow dot.
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arvo afternoon
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Armed Robbery with Violence.
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Approximate Retail Value
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After-Repaired Value