Definitions for "Arranger"
Works with existing musical material and creates a custom version for a specific kind or size of musical group. For example: an arranger might be asked to take a piece of film music originally written for a large orchestra and create a version for a smaller musical group. Arrangers can also create versions of music in different styles, like arranging traditional music for a contemporary music group such as a big band or rock group.
Someone who creates arrangements for musical ensembles.
one who reworks preexisting musical compositions
Describes an intermediary who arranges, for a fee, a transaction between two end-users without directly participating in the transaction.
A bank or other financial institution responsible for originating and syndicating a loan transaction. The arranger always has a senior role, is often the agent, and usually participates in the transaction at the most senior level, it holds the largest share of the loan.
The financial institution (bank or other) which agrees to structure a securitisation transaction.
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Automated teller machine Aval
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see Orchestrator, Vocal Arranger, Dance Arranger.
a person who brings order and organization to an enterprise
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See Broker.
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One who arranges.