Definitions for "arcs"
Alternative remedial contract system. A strategy in which responsibility for remedial contract management is relegated to the EPA regions. An ARCS contract is a form of cost-reimbursable contract called a "cost-plus-award-fee contract," under which EPA reimburses the contractor for all allowable costs incurred.
ARCS is an honourary degree that was awarded by Imperial College, in the University of London, for those studends who were part of the Royal College of Science. The acronym stands for Associate of the Royal College of Science.
Model A theory about the best way to instill learner motivation, developed by John Kellar, PhD. The four steps in the model are: gain learner Attention, describe the training's Relevance, instill Confidence in the learner that the training can be successfully completed, and leave the learner Satisfied after a learning goal has been achieved.
ARCS is a firmware bootloader (also known as a PROM console) used in most computers produced by SGI since the beginning of the 1990s.
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ATO's AUSTRAC Research and Case Selection team
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Admiralty Raster Chart Service
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Aquisition radar and control system
Partial circles used to describe rounded corners of material and show bends in material. Artificially Aged -Hardening process of material accelerated by temperature.
arcs is an application server framework implemented in ANSI-C.
Automated Response and Compliance System