Definitions for "ANJI"
Keywords:  shyam, telugu, prasad, reddy, crores
Anji is a Telugu film produced by M.S. Arts which has Chiranjeevi in lead role and is a special effects visual treat made over 7 years with a budget of 25 crores which was the highest spent on any Indian film at that time. The film was produced by Shyam Prasad Reddy who wanted to make a film with international standards with uncompromising quality over a period of 7 years resulting in a huge budget.
An was a ruler of a petty kingdom in the history of the Ryukyu Islands. The word later became a title and rank of nobility in the Ryūkyū Kingdom. It is said to be related to the Japanese aruji ("master"), and the pronunciation varied throughout the islands.
ANJI Built on top of existing OpenSource projects, ANJI is an implementation of NEAT , an algorithm for evolving artificial neural networks.