Definitions for "Angora"
Keywords:  rabbit, mohair, goat, breed, novelty
A city of Asia Minor (or Anatolia) which has given its name to a goat, a cat, etc.
A silky soft natural hair fiber from the Angora goat or rabbit. Angora is most commonly used in fabrics made into sweaters and scarves.
The Hair Of The Angora Rabbit. The Origin Of The Angora Breed Ins Unclear. It Is Believed To Come From France, Developed From A Mutation In A Wild Rabbit, In The 18th Century. Note: The Hair Of The Angora Goat Is Referred To As Mohair.
Angora were a band featuring lead vocalist and harmonica player John Corabi, guitarist Jimmy Marchiano, bassist Frank Schmeca, and drummer Robert Iezza.
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Advanced large scale space tourism vehicle proposed by CFFC