Definitions for "Ampulla"
Any membranous bag shaped like a leathern bottle, as the dilated end of a vessel or duct; especially the dilations of the semicircular canals of the ear.
the widening in the uppoer end of the vas deferens in which sperm are stored.
endash; longest segment (approximately 2/3 of overall length) of uterine tube (oviduct or Fallopian tube). Medial segment forming the remainder of the tube is called the isthmus.
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A cruet for the wine and water at Mass.
A cruet for wine or water.
The vase in which the holy oil for chrism, unction, or coronation is kept.
A container of precious oil, originally said to have come from the Holy Land in the 7th C and used to contain oil sanctified by contact with the wood of the cross. Also refers to Roman wine or liquid container.
a flask that has two handles; used by Romans for wines or oils
Keywords:  aboral, coelom, sax, bulge, muscular
Small muscular sax that bulge into the aboral side of the coelom.
Immunochemistry Proximal
Keywords:  saccular, swelling
A saccular swelling
Keywords:  jug, bellying, necked, narrow, handles
A narrow-necked vessel having two handles and bellying out like a jug.