Definitions for "American Petroleum Institute"
Keywords:  api, crude, petroleum, eld, padds
( api) : oil trade organization (founded in 1920) that is the leading standard-setting organization for all types of oilfield equipment. It maintains departments of production, transportation, refining, and marketing in Washington, DC. It offers publications regarding standards, recommended practices, and bulletins. Address: 1220 L St., nw; Washington, dc 20005; ( 202) 682- 8000.
the trade association of the US petroleum industry. The API publishes weekly information on US petroleum stock figures, refinery throughput, imports, exports and stock levels. This information is divided into five geographical areas known as petroleum administration for defence districts (Padds). The API established the system for grading crude oils by specific gravity (API gravity). see also Energy Information Administration (EIA)
an oil industry organization that is the leading standard-setting body for oilfield equipment and products.