Definitions for "Amenity"
The quality of being pleasant or agreeable, whether in respect to situation, climate, manners, or disposition; pleasantness; civility; suavity; gentleness.
a tangible/intangible feature that enhances and adds to value or perceived value. definition of amenities defined definition of amenity defined
This is defined as the quality of being pleasant or agreeable and in this context usually refers to a facility which offers benefits to the local community.
Complimentary items in sleeping rooms such as writing supplies, bathrobes, fruit baskets, shower caps, shampoo and shoe shine mitt provided by facility for guests.
attributes of a building which contribute to the health, physical independence, and well-being of the building's users but which are not associated with disease or a specific illness e.g. lighting, ventilation, access for people with disabilities.
design, d├ęcor, furniture and facilities that contribute to the environment and atmosphere of a pub.