Definitions for "Alternative Financing"
Mortgage instruments for both new and existing homes allow the buyer to qualify at a lower-than-market rate. Among these insturments are adjustable rate mortgages (ARM), graduated payment mortgages and buydown mortgages.
Includes mortgages at a lower-than-market rate-adjustable rate, graduated payment and buy down mortgages, as well as hybrid mortgages.
Mortgages at a lower than market rate, such as adjustable rate, graduated payment and buy down mortgages. ()
A mortgage for individuals with less than perfect credit, undocumented income or any non-standard financial criteria.
Generic term for sources of support for cultural activity that are not easily categorised under the more usual, traditional headings (such as "grant", "earned income", "donation", "sponsorship", etc.). This is therefore a growing area of "non-government" support, which is also distinct from commercial sponsorship, etc. It can range from "soft" loans from quasi-banking institutions that apply ethical criteria, to barter systems in which goods and/or services of value are exchanged without money changing hands.