Definitions for "Agent Name Delivery"
Delivering a custom page based upon the user agent string a browser or spider uses to identify itself. This technique is used in Cloaking.
The process of delivering specific web pages to a search engine spider by means of the spider's agent name. For example, the agent name of Google's search engine spider is Googlebot. With this process, search engine spiders and end users do not view the same page.
The act of presenting one set of content to search engine spiders based on the name of that spider and another set of content to human web users. This is done to present content that has been specifically optimized to rank well at each search engine while still presenting the same content to each human visitor to the web site. This technology is easily detected as web surfers are able to use an agent name faking program to appear as if they are the named spider and view the cloaked content.
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