Definitions for "advertised"
Where a winding up petition has been issued by the court, the petition must be advertised in the Gazette. Once advertised the petition may not be withdrawn by the petitioning creditor, and the effect often prejudices the company's credit. The company can try to obtain an injunction to prevent the petition being advertised if it is to resist the petition (Rule 4.11 of the Winding Up Rules 1986).
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A list which appears on the output of the lists command is called advertised. Open lists are advertised by default. Lists may be advertised only to some. For instance, lists may be set to appear only to lists requests within Duke University, or they may be set not to appear on requests from ".com" addresses. List owners who wish to change the degree of advertisement of their lists should write to [email protected] and request it. See also: non-advertised.
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Time as per schedule on timetable.
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called to public attention.